Thank you for considering St. Luke's for your volunteer service. Please complete this volunteer application. You will also need to complete all items in the online training list located at the top of your account screen. Please contact Volunteer services at with any questions.
Thank you for your interest in St. Luke's!
Please complete all information in this section. Items highlighted are required.









The information I provided in this application is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge.
  • I understand that placement is contingent on timely and successful completion of an interview, volunteer orientation,criminal background check, health screening and role-specific training.
  • I understand that if I do not successfully complete volunteer orientation, a criminal background check and a healh screening within 30 days, Volunteer Services reserves the right to discontinue the application process.
  • If accepted as a volunteer, I must abide by all Providence and/or St Luke's policies and procedures, including holding patient information in strict confidence. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in immediate dismissal.
  • I am not entitled to and will not receive any compensation, salary, benefits or other payments in exchange for my service.

Students Only

  • I understand that letters of recommendation will only be provided if I am in good standing and typically not until I fulfill my volunteer commitment.
  • I understand that a report of my hours will be available upon request; however, school forms requiring documentation of my volunteer hours will typically not be completed by Volunteer Services until I fulfill my volunteer commitment.
  • I understand that volunteer applications are typically only considered when applying no later than seven months prior to an applicant's intended school program application deadline. For example, pre-radiology students should submit their volunteer application no later than early-December if applying the following June for acceptance into a radiology program.

  • I understand that if in high school, I will be required to provide a completed parent/school authorization form (when school is in session) or a parent authorization form (during summer break).
By my electronic signature, I certify that I carefully read, understand and agree to the conditions of this Agreement.